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Our investments are located in numerous states and change from time to time.  The concentration of our investments are located in the heartland of the USA.

LD Funding Portfolio investments

What We Do:

We work with borrowers to modify their loans so we can keep them in their homes.  Often, because we are able to buy loans at a discount, we are able to reduce a borrowers balance, and/or forgive past due balances to keep a borrower in their home.  This can actually reduce their monthly payment, often below what they would pay to rent a similar home in the area.

Why Investors Care:

In cases where a borrower does not want, or is not able to stay in the home we will assist with moving expenses.  When this happens we get the property and will look to resell to local investors that have the resources to maintain the home as a vibrant part of the community.

Who We Are:

Selling a note can be a complicated process, but here at LD Funding, LLC we make it simple.

We started with the simple idea of helping people who are receiving regular payments and want to convert them to a lump sum payment.


To assist sellers in this we have implemented the latest technology to quickly complete the due

diligence process so we can mutually decide on a price that is fair and quickly pay you your money. Instead of getting a small monthly payment you will now have a lump sum of cash that you can use to pay bills, fund new investments, or spend as you please.


If you are selling a Note, we're more than just a broker - we're your partner